MyTaman is a IoT community app that helps secure your neighborhood in times of trouble and create a closer community as neighbors. “Taman” means neighborhood in Malaysian context. People would usually associate “Taman” as the area where they live, and so, MyTaman literally means “My neighborhood”. The word itself is in the Malay language.

MyTaman is a smart community platform that secures the community with the latest technology and platform. It provides features that are beneficial to everyone and can assist them in their daily life. The features assist them when they are in danger (SOS button), informs them of their visitors’ arrival (Visitors notification, keep updated of the latest happenings in the community (News events), provide also a private marketplace for your own taman’s trusted service providers (Recommendations), & more.

MyTaman Guard Button is one of MyTaman’s main feature to protect and secure your home and taman. In order to use MyTaman Guard Button, you just need to press on the button to activate an alarm then it will be sent to the guards and TTN. Help will come to you once they receive the signal. However, each mobile number must only be registered to one address for the Guard Button to work. If you have multiple house addresses, please select the main address that is tag to your actual location of stay.

You can turn off an alarm by pressing the guard button again to off the alarm. If an alarm was sent to your MyTaman app by your Trusted Neighbor, simply press on the post and off it.

There will be an “Off” button below the Guard Button which you need to press to ensure that the alarm is off.

Yes, 3G/Wifi is required to check taman updates, send alerts to the Guards and Trusted Neighbors.

TTN means Trusted Taman Neighbors. TTNs are MyTaman users who are in your community whom you trust and will come to your rescue when you press on MyTaman’s Guard Button. They are selected by you to look over your home when you are in trouble. Add TTN to your app by searching for their names or numbers and they will appear on your app.

So far, each person can only have 3 TTN in their MyTaman App, each of them are from their own tamans, who are your neighbors.

Under the Neighbors tab bar, click on “Add a Trusted Neighbor” then you will see a list of your neighbors. Choose your neighbor and a pop up will appear to confirm your decision to add TTN by pressing “Yes”. This will send a TTN request to your neighbor so they can approve.

Yes, In times of trouble, the guards and your TTN will be notified of your house at the press of the MyTaman Guard Button. Your address will be sent to the guards so they can assist to help you to safety.

“Talk to Committee” is located in your “Profile”. This function enables residents to message committee members to ask certain questions or give feedback. When a resident “Talk to Committee”, they will be messaging to the group of committees. Say, there are 5 persons in your committee, in this case, all 5 committees are able to view your message and any one of them can reply to you.

Yes, you can email to us at support@mytaman.com. Our friendly team will attend to your feedback.

MyTaman Pay

MyTaman Pay is a convenient and helpful feature in MyTaman App for the Community to pay any fees via App. These fees may include Maintenance fees, Gardening fees, Sinking Fund, etc.

MyTaman Pay transactions are all protected with https secured protocol. Our payment gateway is a certified provider by MyClear of Bank Negara overseeing all the online transactions through FPX. FPX is the same entity that allows you to withdraw money from a different bank for RM1. This is equivalent to the instant transfer you have in banking.

There are 50 cents (flat rate) charges per transaction for payment via MyTaman Pay. The same rate as cheque or online instant transfer.

Authorisation to pay unit/house fees (e.g. maintenance fees, sinking fund, etc.) would be the first person who download the App and join the taman with the correct address. This authorisation can be changed by the committee via Web Portal.

MyTaman Pay will generate an E-Receipt (PDF format stored in App) for each user who pay via App.

Billplz is our payment gateway.

Yes. Once you are logged in, look for the invoice tab on the left. There is a function to delete invoice from there.

The summary can be exported into excel from the web portal to be printed.

Visitors Feature

This Tab enables you to pre-book your visitors wherever you are. This Tab is the fourth icon from the left. Residents who have been successfully approved into the Taman by their Committees are able to see it.

Residents & Committees who have joined into the Taman.

Click into the Tab, then “Add a New Visitor”. Here you will see a list of your visitors if you have made new contacts before. But if you are new, you will notice that the list is empty. So, just click on “New Contact” to add the details of your visitor.

When you add a new visitor, you are required to key in their Names (Compulsory), Car Plate Number (Compulsory) and Identification Number (Optional) which is where you can key in either their MyKad or Passport details.

Once you’re in the Visitors Tab, click on “Add a New Visitor”. You will see a list of your visitors. Choose the visitor that you have added previously and MyTaman will prompt you for your visitors’ Estimated Time of Arrival. After you have filled in the details, MyTaman will send the information to the Guard Panel located at the Guard House. 

The details that you have keyed in for your visitor. I.e. Visitors’ Name, Car Plate Number, Estimated Time of Arrival (Time & Date)

The guards will click on the “Arrive” Button on the Guard Panel at the Guardhouse as they check that your visitors have arrived. You will then receive a notification from MyTaman App notifying you that your visitor has arrived.

Resident Association

RA stands for Residents Association. RAs look after the general welfare of your taman and ensure that general security and meetings are conducted with the residents.

RAs can use MyTaman to make posts, interact with residents, update notifications, and control RA Management more effectively.

The RA committee has to assign you as an RA in order to gain access to the posts, and control of your taman in the App.

RA stands for Resident Association. RA Dashboard is made especially for RA’s ease of managing their taman activities like adding news posts, adding residents into their taman, changing committee roles, edit taman details, smart siren testing via committee test button, or even turn off all alarms in incidents where more than one alarm is being turned on.

The JMB or Joint Management Bodies and JMC or Joint Management Corporation are statutory bodies under ACT 663 that are formed to take over management and maintenance the subdivided building and common property in the strata development such as Condominium or Apartment and now include Gated & Guarded strata landed property

During signup, you will come across a page where you can “Join a taman” or “Create a taman”. If you are the RA of a taman, you can help your taman create on their behalf by filling in the name and address of your taman and insert a taman image. MyTaman team will approve your Taman within 24 hours after you have created a taman.

During your sign up, you will be asked to join a taman or create a taman. If your taman already uses MyTaman App, you will be able to select it from the list of tamans in your app. However, if your taman is not in the list, you can request to your RA to create a taman using MyTaman App.

MyTaman team will approve your taman within 24 hours. Our team will contact the taman creator and guide them on the next steps and assist them in using MyTaman App.

Once you have created a taman, our team will monitor the activities in your taman. Our team will contact you to assist you in your next step and answer any questions you have about MyTaman App. However, If there are no activities happening in your taman for the first month, we will suspend the inactive taman as our team’s purpose for doing this is to ensure genuine taman requests.

In your MyTaman App, go to “What’s New” tab bar and you are able to make comments. Only RAs can post announcements while residents can comment on these posts. Residents can comment on posts RAs made so their voices can be heard in unison.

MyTaman is now free for all your residents. All you need to do is to download the app and sign up with MyTaman. However, your Taman RA Committee will need to purchase MyTaman’s Hardware and App Subscription for your taman.

Yes, our team of professionals will install hardware that includes a Guard Panel & LED Panel at the guardhouse.

You can contact our team to know more about the fees MyTaman App costs to each taman by contacting us via e-mail: support@mytaman.com


Recommendations are service providers who have been servicing your community and are trusted by the majority of your community.

The Recommendations feature will be located at the side bar of MyTaman App. Clicking into it will show the list of Recommendations along with the promotions they are currently offering.

Yes! We are recruiting Vendors/Service Providers for community. Please register & sign yourself up at this link:


And we will contact you!


MyTaman is an IoT community app that helps secure your neighbourhood in times of trouble and create a closer community as neighbours.